Toy Data Center update

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my toy data center.  I started with two Intel NUCs and shortly thereafter expanded to four.  Each of the first pair has a 240 G SSD and the second pair each sports a 480 G SSD.


All running Ubuntu 14.04.

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2 thoughts on “Toy Data Center update”

  1. really nice “servers”, but what are you doing with four of them?
    i have one nuc6i3, doing it all and no need for a second nuc.
    what services and apps are you running to need 4 nucs?

  2. Well, as a recovering sysadmin, they are a playground for me to write software to help practice my skills.

    If you browse down my blog post history you can see what I’ve been playing with:

    DNS (master and two slaves, providing names for the machines in our apartment)
    Syslog (everyone needs logs)
    Synchronization and backup

    Why? For the fun of it. For me this is pure fun.

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